Indigo Studio

Company Infragistics
Product Indigo Studio
a tool for prototyping web, desktop, and mobile apps
Date 11 April 2013



After you install the product, and start it for the first time, a modal message blocks the interface and tells you  that before using the tool, you need to accept the terms of use. If you cancel, the tool closes.



Calculated with Edit Central

characters 28250
non-space characters 23693
letters/numbers 22725
words 4340
complex words 799
syllables 7314
sentences 180
chars per word 5.24
syllables per word 1.69
words per sentence 24.11


Flesch reading ease score: 39.8
Automated readability index: 15.3
Flesch-Kincaid grade level: 13.7
Coleman-Liau index: 13.8
Gunning fog index: 17
SMOG index: 14.5


Software License Agreement – Indigo Studio

(November 2012)

Please read this license agreement (the “License”) carefully before clicking the “I ACCEPT” button unlocking access to the SOFTWARE (as described below). This license is a legal agreement between Infragistics, Inc. (“Infragistics”) and You (as defined below) and by clicking the “I ACCEPT” button, You are agreeing that You haveREAD ALL OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS set forth below, UNDERSTAND ALL OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS of this License and AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS of this License. As used in this License, “You” means the person or company seeking to acquire the rights and obligations under this License and, with respect to any company expressly excludes its parents, subsidiaries and affiliates. Any person entering into this License on behalf of a company, hereby represents that such person: (i) is an employee or agent of such company; and (ii) has the authority to enter into this License on behalf of such company.


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